• 24 Feb 2022

COVID-19 Impact on Community Behavior and New Strategies

Corona has changed the lives of everyone around the globe. As people continue to adjust to this different lifestyle, it is important to see the impact of the change on our daily lives. People in many communities have had to change traditions and customs that go back to thousands of years simply to prevent the virus from spreading. These include changes in religious ceremonies and burial rituals, along with changes in how traditional festivals are celebrated. Others have had to adopt new habits such as washing or sanitizing hands frequently and wearing facemasks. 

Changes in Behaviour 

During these times, people have stopped shaking hands, and elbow bumps have become popular. Other than this, people have had to cook more at home as the restaurants remained close. People have made massive changes to their lives and many businesses have suffered after people decided to spend wisely. During the peak of the virus, many people decided it was best to save for the future and stopped purchasing items that were considered luxuries. The fashion industry suffered greatly as people were no longer interested in buying outdoor clothes or supporting fast fashion. Governments also implemented policy changes and system changes; these work to change community behavior. Some examples include restricting the number of people in stores and making it essential for people to wear face masks. Cashless purchasing and deliveries were also preferred by people. These measures made people change their behavior to reduce the risk of the virus. 

The Way Forward

As the businesses are slowly beginning to reopen, many organizations are talking about different policies and strategies that should be implemented to contain the virus. It is important that while moving forward, we consider the impact of those who belong to marginalized groups, as these groups face the most brunt of the pandemic. It is important to consider their status and stances while making new strategies. Inclusivity is very important and might be one of the biggest take away from the pandemic. Poor and rich; all were equally affected as the result of the pandemic. It is important that no one gets left behind when these new changes are implemented to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities and chances in the post-pandemic world.

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