• 24 Feb 2022

Impact of COVID-19 on Childhood Feelings

The New Normal

Coronavirus has had a massive impact on our lives. People around the world have had to change their lives and adjust to this new normal. As facemasks and social distancing have become the norm of the day, people have had to adapt accordingly. 

These sudden changes have had an impact on the mental health of many people around the world. Studies have shown that children are the most susceptible to such sudden changes. 

Impact on Children

All children react differently to sudden changes. Some seem uninterested, while others develop anxiety or become moody. Some children also get hyper and scared as they are unaware of how to deal with the situation. The COVID-19 has caused children to lose a sense of routine as classes are canceled and some students have adapted to online learning. Online learning is challenging for many students as they fail to concentrate. Other than being unable to go to school, children are also unable to go to parks and visit friends or family. This confinement can get very stressful and children can develop feelings of anxiety and stress as they are unable to release their emotions. 

How Can You Help Your Child? 

These feelings can be hard to manage at a young age. Parents need to allow their kids to be able to express their feelings. Young children need a safe space where they are allowed to be honest about their feelings and concerns; this can help reduce anxiety. Parents should also try to maintain a routine for their children to help them have some normalcy. Additionally, children should be motivated to try new activities as this helps their creativity and also boosts confidence. 

It is during these tough times that children and parents must come together to ensure that happiness is spread instead of the negativity generated by the pandemic. Staying indoors can also be fun if the right activities are performed; this can also be the right time to bond with your family. 

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