• 24 Feb 2022

Business of The Future – Four Professions That Will Thrive

Since the industrial revolution and mass production came into the picture, the necessity for large quantities of goods at a relatively low cost has been the primary concern of the work market. This demand can only be fulfilled by advanced technological tools, the undisputed protagonists of our century that re-shaped the job organization. 

In fact, the rigid traditional hierarchical model softened into a more flattened approach; the fixed 9-5 working hours are becoming more and more flexible - especially after the advent of this pandemic; information is stored in the cloud; working from the office is not the norm anymore, working from anywhere is.


Of course, the list could continue, but the point is clear - the job landscape is changing, and it is doing so ever more quickly. Therefore, the question naturally arises, which will be the flourishing business of the future? Here is an example of four fields that will prosper in the next ten years. 


It is a broad discipline that includes many branches. Among them are data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and software engineering. These areas are continuously developing and will become even more popular in the future. AI, for example, is already a $39.9 billion market applied in sectors such as health care, banking and finance, government and politics, and manufacturing and transportation to increase affordability, automation, connectivity, and productivity.


Mass automation was nothing more than a fictional futuristic imagination for our grandparents. For us, instead, robots will be the trusted allies in many aspects of our lives, including everyday duties, like cleaning. In fact, the robot vacuum cleaners market is expected to register a CAGR of 13% during the forecast period, 2022 – 2026. Not only that, but robots are also becoming so sophisticated that they are used in customer service through chatbots, to take care of data entry and bookkeeping, in military operations like surveillance and intelligence, and even in the medical field, performing delicate surgical procedures. 


With the work landscape changing so fast, it may be difficult for those who have little knowledge of the trending of the business market to keep up with it. Not only that, but also the affirmation of automation in almost all aspects of human life will make consultancy businesses essential. They can assist clients in finding the right solutions to thrive and survive in a hyper-competitive market, keeping them updated regarding the latest trends and technological solutions, and much more. 


If technology increasingly dominates in the future, what will happen to some of the oldest traditional occupations, like farming? It will grow further from the land and closer to the sky. Vertical farming produces food in vertically stacked layers that can be integrated into structures like skyscrapers, shipping containers, or even repurposed warehouses. Its benefits will ensure consistent crop production, optimize spaces, reduce water usage, and cut transportation costs.  

Here are just a few examples of the jobs that will take over in the next decade, but many more can be mentioned. The future is here, and it is crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and invest cleverly!

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