• 03 Jun 2022

The power of diversity

A company needs to be innovative and creative to be competitive. These qualities need various sources of inspiration to come alive. An assorted environment is perfect for bringing different ideas together and adding value to your business. Here is some evidence that diversity is the winning strategy:


1. A quote by Jesse Jackson goes like this:   

"Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth."

Often inclusiveness and political correctness are confused. Political correctness is externally driven; being inclusive is internally driven. Reaching out to those marginalized for a long time and allowing them to thrive should be the sovereign reason why inclusivity should not be perceived as a limit.  


2. A varied and harmonious work environment reflects the ethics of its leader.  

Research examining the relationship between leadership behavior and diversity in the workplace highlights that a leader with moral good, integrity, and trust tends to be more influential among the employees who, in return, are inspired to behave in ethical ways.  

Encouraging and rewarding moral goals is crucial to maintaining a positive and motivating environment and facilitating a more fruitful business.  


3. A company can have several reasons for existing, which pushes it towards constant growth and improvement. A positive financial performance is undoubtedly one of these reasons, if not, in some cases, the ultimate goal.  

study by McKinsey & Company shows that diversity in the workplace is highly beneficial to the company's profit.  

Of course, shifting towards inclusiveness is not straightforward, but if the result is satisfactory, the effort is worth it. 


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