• 12 May 2022

Another cycle of the HBC 2022 International Awards has concluded successfully!

Another cycle of Harvard Business Council International Awards has come to an end, and we are immensely proud of the success obtained by this year's event. It was one of the most prolific since we started this journey toward transcendence, with a total of 5000 applications received. It is not only the number of forms sent that continues to grow; also, their quality increases exponentially from year to year. That undoubtedly complicated our esteemed HBC jury's job, which struggled to rule out some extremely talented applicants from the top steps of the podium. 


However, after meticulous scrutiny, 63 candidates stood out for raising the bar of excellence even higher. 

Twenty-seven organizations and individuals were Awarded Diamond level winners. That is the highest status of honor and is recognized by HBC to those who present spotless application forms completed with the necessary supporting documents describing projects and/or achievements that shine for professionalism, innovation, and contribution to the environment and society. 

On the other end, 33 professionals and corporations reached the Gold level, demonstrating equal precision in their applications but ranking just below the previously mentioned category for the quality of the schemes and attainments presented. 

Ultimately, only three candidates received the Special Recognition Medal, a unique category aimed at rewarding the outstanding contribution to a particular field provided by a few exemplary contenders. 


The event required months of commitment and dedication from the nominees and the entire Harvard Business Council team. The efforts were crowned with the HBC 2022 International Awards ceremony held on April the 15th and presented by our respected CEO, Michael Brown, vice president, Ellen Cooper, and director of global operations, John Robertson. 

Hoping that all parties involved have enjoyed the event, we take this opportunity to thank all participants once again. Now it's time to recharge our batteries and get ready for the next round of HBC International Awards!


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