• 01 Apr 2022

Safety first

Safety first - A reminder to prioritize workplace security 


Since COVID regulations are relaxed in most countries, many workers have returned to the workplace. It is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your safety regulations are in order. 


Workplace safety is fundamental to assuring a continuous and efficient production cycle. The pandemic that hit us in the past years has reminded us that security practices must be prioritized because they comprise all the processes, protocols, and guidance that help mitigate risks on-site and reduce injury and illness rates. 


Employees must be committed to following security procedures, so promoting a safety culture should be on top of your prerogatives list. Organize regular meetings to update them regarding new policies and use that occasion to refresh their memories on the standard procedures. Do so, especially if new workers join the team. Remind them to report unsafe conditions and promote channels that facilitate this operation, like surveys or a dedicated online platform. 


All the machines, tools, and equipment must follow the national regulations and be updated and in decent conditions. Do not hesitate to invest in them, as the risk of operating with outdated or damaged gears and devices can potentially be more costly than substituting them. In addition, make sure that your team uses them adequately and anytime they are required. 


It goes without saying that the environment should be clean. So, encourage your employees to sanitize and disinfect their workstations when they arrive and before they leave. Such a practice doesn't only reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, but it also prevents objects from being left around that can cause injuries. 


Finally, promote a healthy environment where your team's mental health and general well-being are valued. For example, no one should be overworked, so employees should take breaks not only according to schedule but also when it is essential to stay productive and motivated. In the limits of your possibilities, offer counseling services to ensure that everyone is in an optimal state to carry out their jobs. If you cannot provide such a service, your HR department could host regular meetings with employees to assess their current situation and assist them when feasible. 

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