• 01 Apr 2022

Reminders on how to live a balanced work-personal life

Reminders on how to live a balanced work-personal life


Balancing a busy work schedule and personal life has never been easy. With the advent of technology, things only got worse, as it is even more challenging to disconnect completely when your job is just one click away. 


Tips and tricks to be productive at work while also being present for the significant people in your life and dedicating time to yourself have been explored before. However, we believe that it is always a good time to remind the importance of living a balanced life. That is why we decided to highlight some recommendations that you might find valuable.


1. Separate work life and home life 

The best thing you can do is draw a clear separation line to divide work and personal life. If you bring your work problems at home all the time, it will be challenging to spend quality time with your family and friends and stay productive. Rest is as important as action, do not underestimate its significance. 


2. Don't always compromise

Even if compromising is fundamental to living a balanced life, sometimes it is better to commit to something and stick to it. For example, if you have already neglected time to yourself repeatedly, do not compromise once again, promising to take some me-time on another occasion. Remember that quality should always come over quantity. You need to switch off to be efficient. 


3. Make a priority list

A priority list is surely nothing new; yet many people do it and don't follow it, and many more don't even have one. 

Write down all the things you must do, followed by the optional one. Do your best to commit to it and add extra tasks only if they are seriously urgent. Otherwise, don't overdo it and sacrifice your downtime; move them to the next period available. 


4. Ask for help

There are many perks of doing things on your own, like saving money and avoiding back and forth to request amendments or modifications. However, there is also a downside: having to sacrifice time to yourself and family/friends often. 

Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues or an external source (such as a PA) to assist if you are already overwhelmed by commitments. It might take a minute to find someone you trust, but things will be much easier once you encounter them! 

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