• 01 Apr 2022

What we have learned from times of crisis

What we have learned from times of crisis


Times of crisis are unexpected, and they can significantly impact your team and their morale. The COVID pandemic is a well-fitting example of how things can be suddenly turned upside down with challenging consequences for everyone, irrespective of their role in the business. 

It is pivotal to have a well-thought strategy to face times of crisis. We learned a few things from the past years that we'd like to share with you, hoping that they can be of value if future disruptions affect your business.


1. Encourage team spirit

In times of struggle, staying united is fundamental. Foster the team spirit's culture and encourage your employees to work closely together, even if they carry out their job remotely. Incentive team-building and allow some time for getting together and other activities. Practice gratefulness and promote a team-oriented approach rather than a competitive one. Your workers will undoubtedly benefit from staying close during challenging times rather than being left alone. 


2. Value the individual

Although bonding your team together is a winning strategy, especially in difficult periods, do not make the mistake of treating them as a mere number. Connecting with your employees will show that you care about them and will allow you to understand their needs. If you know what they want, it is easier to provide it for them - within your possibilities, of course. If your team's needs are heard, their confidence and motivation to come to work with a positive attitude will increase. 


3. Celebrate small victories

Focusing only on the dark side of the issue won't do any good to you and your team. Instead, celebrate small moments of success and use them as a starting point to change the current situation. They should remind you that times of struggle are inevitable, but that doesn't mean that all is lost; there is always a new opportunity to start over and grow!  

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