• 01 Apr 2022

Technological trends to keep an eye on

Technological trends to keep an eye on


Technology became our best friend. Even those who declared themselves immune to its charm a few decades ago can no longer do without it. Technology has evolved so sophisticatedly that it extends to every aspect of our lives. It is not about mere calculations and screeching sounds to access the internet anymore; it is steadily integrating into and reshaping our everyday reality. 


In the next section, we explore some tech trends that give us a clear idea of how the field has progressed: 


1. Metaverse

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds oriented on social connection. Long-time gamers are certainly more familiar with it than anyone else since, contrary to what one might think, the metaverse has been around for a while; Minecraft and Roblox are good examples. 

In more recent times, however, the metaverse is incorporating Web3 technology enabled through blockchain technology like NFTs and Cryptos, closing the gap between it and the real world - potentially even substituting many aspects of it, like social interactions. 


2. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing can be described as the study of how to use phenomena in quantum physics to create new ways of computing. It is made of qubits that can be either 0 and 1 or a superposition of both. What is its role in the future? Quantum computing has the potential to create solutions for complex problems, influencing sectors like biology, chemistry, and material science, to name a few. For example, it would facilitate the assessment of multiple molecules, proteins, and chemicals at the same time, enabling chemists to move faster in determining possible drug options. 


3. Digital Trust

Digital Trust is more important than ever in our times because it refers to the belief that people, technology, and processes can create a secure digital environment. We have become so reliant on digital technologies that we can no longer treat them with excessive lightness. In fact, many are expressing concerns regarding their role in their lives, especially about misinformation, 5G, and personal privacy. Digital Trust promises to act as a mediator between technologies and the public to create a safer and better-informed virtual environment. 


4. Genomics

The study of genomics includes all of a person's genes and their interactions, as well as the environment in which they live. There are different applications of genomic. For instance, future clinical diagnosis and prognosis will be based on it. The use of liquid biopsies in early disease detection could make a massive difference in how healthcare is delivered in the future.

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