• 01 Mar 2022

5 reasons why women can be great business leaders

Despite the undeniable progress, being a leader businesswoman can still be considered a disadvantage by some. Does it reflect reality? We do not believe so. On the contrary, we think women can bring value in unique ways. 


1.     Inclusivity 

Experience is the best teacher. And women understand, from experience, the importance of inclusivity. Sonia Syngal, CEO of GAP, represents the first Fortune 500 company to announce equal pay for men and women officially. This step should inspire other business leaders to follow the same example and bridge the gap between different genders. 


2.     Life-work balance

According to 2018 Pew Research Center data, women value life-work balance more than men. This is an important lesson that everyone should learn from the ladies! Setting priorities that include families is crucial for general well-being, which can also translate into increased productivity and motivation.


3.     Transformation

Academic studies show how women thrive in changes more than their male counterparts. They are far better at transforming people's attitudes and beliefs, aligning them with intention and purpose. This approach is related to higher levels of team engagements, performance, and productivity. 


4.     Empathy 

Men often outnumber women in business. This situation translates into a woman being the only female representative in a company, experiencing a number of biases that are often manifested. Such a reality shouldn't be discouraging; on the contrary, it should be a lesson to practice empathy and connection to others. Deborah Liu, the new president and CEO of Ancestry, has experienced these issues since her early days at Facebook. However, she managed to turn the difficulties into strengths, and she even launched Women In Product, a non-profit that connects women in product management and advocates for equal representation.


5.     Take risks 

Harvard Business Review research shows how women executives demonstrate increased boldness and a willingness to take risks compared to men. An example is Alicia Enciso, Chief Marketing Officer for Nestlé USA. She is the key to the company's success in the Hispanic market because she introduced an innovative model for diversity and investment in multicultural markets long before it was a trend. 

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