• 27 Feb 2022

Writing tips for successful Awards Applications

Once you have decided which Awards you wish to be nominated for, the next step is filling out the application form. This stage may sound intimidating, as there is not only loads of information necessary, but one must also expose them in a certain way. 

Awards issuing organizations aim at advancing the quality of a specific sector - like business, in the case of HBC. To meet their goal, they set particular standards, which can vary from institution to institution.


HBC values originality and innovation, so we do not hold back our applicants from expressing their uniqueness. However, some basic requirements need to be met when completing an application form; let's explore them together. 


1.     Before you start writing 


Prior to filling out the papers, make sure you choose the Awards that best represent your organization's strengths. Then, once you are confident you made a satisfactory decision and conducted meticulous research, you are ready to approach writing. 


2.     Quality over quantity


We encourage our applicants to select more than one Award to showcase prestige and maximize their chances to win. However, we also recommend being realistic with one's situation. It is fundamental to present quality work, and if, to do so, one has to sacrifice the desire to apply for many recognitions, then less is more. 

A high-standard report is presented in good form; be mindful of how you expose your text, curating the grammar and the flow. You may be penalized if your point is difficult to understand, even if valid. 

Take time to complete the form; do not finish all at once. Instead, remove yourself from it, come back later to regain focus and clarity, ask others to read it, encourage them to provide feedback, and proofread and edit it. 

Remember that we do not stop at what is written black-on-white; we also value what is hidden between the lines. It means that we identify and prize those who showcase attention to detail, dedication, and passion. 


3.     No room for short answers


We present our applicants with questions that serve as guidelines. Contestants can decide whether they prefer to address each query individually or prepare an essay or report that incorporates all the questions at once. What matters is not to address any query with a short answer. Even if something doesn't apply to your organization, take the time to explain why. 

Competing for an Award is also an opportunity to reflect on your current situation, so take it as such. The more meticulous your paper is, the highest is the opportunity to learn and grow, not only to win!


4.     Provide evidence 


HBC International Business Awards prize excellence and recognize those who stand out from the crow for their innovation, commitment, and outstanding achievements. To be nominated, you shouldn't only explain thoroughly what you attained and how, but you should also demonstrate it. 

A winning form is complete with supporting documents that serve as tangible evidence of your accomplishments. Make sure you reference the attachments in your report, do not just send a pile of additional papers without explaining their purpose. 


5.     It's about you, so don't be afraid of being you


We do not need big and fancy words, inflated evidence, and unrealistic reports. All we need is your truth. 

We can never stress enough the importance of experiencing this opportunity as a learning process. Therefore, there is no point in lying about your reality because this won't help you and your organization evolve and thrive. 

The detailed feedback you will receive at the end of this Awards cycle is what you should value. That is what matters the most, more than the trophy and the acknowledgment certificate. 


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