Work from home was not considered a full time job until the pandemic started in March, 2020. As more and more people continue to work remotely, the stigma surrounding work from home has gone away. Recruiters have always been concerned about the productivity of working from home. Many concerns have arisen about whether working from home is sustainable in the long term or not. 

Improved Productivity 

There are many studies that support that workers are more productive when they work from home. An experiment conducted at a Chinese company by Nicholas Bloom, a professor at Stanford, showed how workers were 13% more productive from home as they had shorter lunch breaks, no commute time, and fewer distractions. After the study, the workers were allowed to work from home permanently, and their productivity increased by 20%. This shows that working from home can be highly productive for most workers. Many companies like Twitter and Fujitsu have also allowed workers to work from home permanently. 

Tips to Improve Productivity 

The best way to be productive while working from home is to take short breaks between tasks, make to-do lists, and stick to them, have a proper workspace, and divide work accordingly. Dressing up for work from home every day is also a good motivation, as staying indoors all the time can be challenging. These few tips have helped workers around the world become more productive. 

Employer Benefits 

Studies and trends have shown that working from home is not only better for the employees but also for the employer as the cost for office bills and rent can be saved and utilized elsewhere. Remote workers are also known to be more engaging; this helps the business flourish and grow. Other than this, employers can recruit talented professionals from around the world, making their team much more diverse. 

Remote working is also beneficial in times of crisis; a recent example can be of COVID-19. Without the work from home model, companies cannot adapt to emergencies making them less sustainable in the long run. As big corporations around the world are working towards developing remote work models; small businesses should also consider such options to save costs and run efficiently.

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