• 07 Jun 2022

HBC 2022 International Awards Winner: Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) wins four Awards in the latest cycle of the HBC International Awards

Dubai, UAE, April 2022 - The latest round of International Awards was issued by Harvard Business Council (NY, USA) on April 15, 2022. Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) was one of our most prolific nominees, submitting four honors.

The leading engineering organization responsible for the master planning, design, infrastructure development, and construction of Dubai's dynamic aviation sector stood out for its professionalism, the spirit of innovation, efficiency, attention to detail, and ability to cope with unexpected situations.

DAEP has reached the Diamond level for the Health & Safety Award by implementing a "Beyond Zero" philosophy, inducing the corporate to commit itself to specific HSSE standards and promoting health, safety, security, social welfare, and environmental site safety inductions. In addition, it fosters the provision of daily safety task instructions, continuous site inspections, commitment to ad-hoc and scheduled workplace audits, and the launch of campaigns and awards to drive commitment and prevention of OHS hazards and workplace incidents.

Another excellent result was recorded for the Organizational Award. It reached the Diamond level again, demonstrating a clear vision aimed at "Developing the aviation capital of the world," communicated to all stakeholders. To achieve this goal, DAEP is committed to working toward clear, constant, and innovative strategies.

Finally, the organization was recognized with the Gold level for the Business Resilience category, demonstrating how the involvement of all levels of the managerial structure is essential to delivering a cohesive and concise response to face challenges and changes.

Harvard Business Council has recognized in DAEP a model of excellence and professionalism that can be an inspiration to all those who aim to achieve similar results in the categories in which the leading engineering organization has distinguished itself.

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