• 03 Jun 2022

HBC 2022 Executives Award Winner: Mr. Jamal Al Nassai

Mr. Jamal Al Nassai has showcased outstanding achievements in the first cycle of the Harvard Business Council 2022 International Awards. He has shown examples of inspirational professional practices to all industry peers; he is the epitome of exemplary leadership and professional management. His relentless pursuit of excellence and determination to excel has made him one of the most prolific business leaders who partook in our HBC 2022 International Awards first cycle. His success results from constant perseverance, dedication, diligence, and determination to turn challenges into opportunities.

In the category for which he was nominated, Jamal Al Nassai reached the Gold level, proving his exemplary leadership in guiding his team to achieve excellence. He deals with leading initiatives targeted at efficiency improvement, optimization, improved control, and faster delivery to obtain the best customer experience. For example, he led the digital bot processing project for faster, better, scalable, and efficient end-customer service and established a dedicated support function for more rapid resolution of merchant complaints as well as for ideas and innovation.

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