• 24 Feb 2022

2021 Organizational Award winner: ASTER DM Healthcare

Awarded for their remarkable work in the healthcare sector as they provide the most efficient services to people while working alongside governments. A special mention of the efforts showcased in the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Aster DM Healthcare, the largest integrated healthcare provider in GCC and an emerging player in India, has been honored with prestigious diamond awards at the Harvard Business Council International Awards 2021. The eminent award recognizes organizations on international best practices and leading continuous improvement models. The evaluation criteria covered: leadership, human resources, management, innovation, technology resource management, customer results, impact on society and corporate achievements.

Aster DM Healthcare received the diamond level Organizational Award for outstanding contribution to the healthcare sector through sustained business operations providing the latest services to people and working alongside governments to serve the society. It is also a recognition of the organization’s outstanding efforts at battling Covid-19 and meeting the healthcare needs of the society across 7 countries in Middle East and India.

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