• 24 Feb 2022

2021 Start-Up Award: Anata Digital

Being an IT service provider Anata Digital reduces variability in its digital products through regular proofreading, re-editing, client approval, proofreading again and the final copy is then produced.

The company’s main criteria for hiring are to select employees who share the vision that resonates with the company's objective. Therefore, every employee of their organization is their ally and advocate that spread positivity within the organization. Their employer and the heads of department are the key advocates of their organization who are always willing to share all the possible information and arrange resources at any time to help in accomplishing the given tasks.

A positive attitude is one of the key attributes of Anata Digital which they ensure to showcase in every meeting, interaction, or conversation with their employees or clients. Employees are, constantly, encouraged to enhance and build new skills, and the cost incurred is handled by the company.

Anata’s product performance standards are aligned with how well and perfectly the functional requirements of a website, blog, social media page, post, ads or other services provided by their team are being met with client expectations.

Congratulations to Anata Digital for winning the 2021 Harvard Business Council Diamond level Start Up Award. 🏆

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